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Since the beginning of 2011, Nordfels uses the database HamDB to manage appointments, contacts, projects and orders. Though, HamDB is not a conventional management tool, as it is adapted to the specific requirements of the mechanical engineer.

Project Description

'The database HamDB allocates a centralized tool to manage contacts, projects and appointments. It allows a widespread documentation of our relationships with customers and suppliers and it fits well into the working process of the user', Bernhard Hartl, who is mainly responsible for the implementation of the database at Nordfels and who is satisfied.

HamDB is based upon the solution XDB which we developed and still use. The XDB is a management tool containing an efficient time scheduling, a contact planning function and an interface to administrate projects and warehousing. We have adapted the management tool to the working process and the specific requirements of Nordfels. 'The whole database is programmed in open source. Through the interfaces, it is e.g. easy to print the data', Bernhard Hartl explains. Besides the possibility to manage their projects and to create offers, delivery notes and invoices, the database HamDB contains a complete order system.

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Centrally available

Reporting functions (e.g. a list of all open issues) are integrated to assist the employees. These reports as well as relevant information are displayed within one click. A synchronisation of the database is not necessary, because the data is stored on a centralized server. The employees can get access to the HamDB over a Web-Browser or over their mobile phone.

The database HamDB is completely adapted to the needs of the mechanical engineer. This is also represented through the design of the web interface, which is adapted to the corporate identity of Nordfels.

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Key Data of the project

Logo Nordfels

Project start: November 2010

Project duration: 8 month


Find out more about Nordfels GmbH at http://www.nordfels.com

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