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Parabolic trough power plant


ParabolControl Projectteam
The objective of the project is the development of an innovative controlling concept for a modular parabolic trough power plant. 

Project Description

The parabolic trough power plant consists of several components that provide data. A web interface allows the inquiry of data and reports. Data can be retrieved directly at the parabolic trough or at Austria via VPN. Besides the access to the established data, also the controlling of the parabolic trough can take place manually over the web interface.

The computer network of the parabolic trough is construed, so it can be used as information junction at the same time. The individual modules can be connected over Ethernet. Module groups can furthermore be connected to power plant cluster over wireless LAN. The interfaces are designed that the information junction can offer access to the internet for neighbouring regions, e.g. over wireless LAN.

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Project partners

The project was initiated by Weltaare GmbH. In cooperation with Hammerschmid Maschinenbau (today restructured as Nordfels GmbH), ATV Elektronik and Volke Engineering GmbH, we developed and tested a demonstration object. The parabolic trough power plant contains innovative components like the controlling of the trough gradient, the driver concept or the controlling of the cleaning system of the parabolic trough as well as the corresponding sensor technologies and the controlling to ensure the emergent performance of the power plant.

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